Date: 22nd December 2016 at 9:10pm
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Well it’s that time of year again where folks wait for an old man with a beard and a jolly big red suit to break into your house via the chimney, empty his sack, and help himself to some milk and cookies.

I’m not sure that’s meant to be the abiding image you gain of Saint Nick as you grow older, it might just be me – and I’m aware many of you will have your own thoughts on that!

Anyway, it’s been an eventful 2016 on the football pitch – some highs, some lows, a bit of yelling and even some cheering.

Off the pitch has also been eventful – but this isn’t a political website so I’ll skip quickly on from that!

In any event with Brighton sitting in 2nd place in the Championship table as we head into the New Year there’s certainly plenty of optimism around going into the final fixtures in 2016 and then the 2017 portion of the campaign but of course we need that form to continue now and keep that gap over Reading and the other chasers to ensure we finally get the Premier League promotion we’ve been after for the last few years – especially after last season’s heartbreak.

So (Christmassy hat on):

Have a wonderful set of days with your families this weekend and on Boxing Day remember it’s not an instruction to hit each other.

Don’t drink and drive, and if you can’t be safe, don’t wake up sorry!

Enjoy the smiles should kids apply, and for the blokes (even if you don’t mean it) thank the missus for the efforts in the kitchen. For the girlies amongst us, if he doesn’t, keep the nut cracker handy!

So without much further ado…

From all at Vital BHA, our regular and irregular writers, it’s both thanks to them and from them for all the readers and site members as without you, there’d be no reason for us to babble on like we do.

(Christmassy hat off).

For those of you who won’t sober up until it’s time to return to work, have a happy New Year!