Date: 10th October 2018 at 8:00am
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There were some rumblings that Brighton and Hove Albion manager Chris Hughton was chasing Rangers’ right back James Tavernier late on in last summer’s transfer window, but at least in terms of press reports West Bromwich Albion were the only side who submitted firm offers to try and tempt hands at Ibrox.

Yesterday, I would imagine more in an attempt to fill column inches rather than leaning on any solid indications from either club, Sky Sports ran one of their typical transfer pieces where they ‘understood’ that Tavernier was on our radar for January dealings.

With 37-year-old Bruno set to be out of contract next summer, the story just leans on that as a known fact and suggests that Tavernier is a ‘potential’ target in the alternative.

How words like ‘potential target’ and ‘understands’ quite fit here unless someone at the Amex runs around screaming, “you know players listed in FIFA, they might be potential targets – just don’t name me as a source”, they might as well admit someone put 2+2 together in the staff canteen and be done with it.

In fairness, it seems the link may have spawned from Rangers manager Steven Gerrard being asked a leading question following their win over Hearts last weekend.

“I know the CEO at Brighton very well. I used to work alongside him at the FA. He’s got my number and he knows where I am. But he best go to the owners and ask for an awful lot of money if he wants James Tavernier. That goes for any CEO, any owner, any club that wants my captain. They best go to the bank and get an awful lot of money out – or he’s not going.”

Gerrard’s interview also saw him say ‘all my players are for sale’ so I’m guessing the speculation has just snowballed from there in the search for content rather than anything else.

I’d guess Rangers fans are now dealing with half of their squad being subject to bids in January ‘according to reports’.


2 Replies to “High Scoring Rangers Defender Back On Brighton’s Radar – Really”

  • James Tavernier isn’t going to leave an enormous club of Rangers magnitude for a two bob mob such as Brighton… no offence.

    • Appreciate the input, still arguing with Sports Direct lol? Can’t say the money wouldn’t come in handy and like it or not Neil, in the modern game that’s all that matters. Everyone moves for the wonga and prestige and Rangers are no different than many in the Prem or Champ – there are bigger hitters and players take a step – you win some, lose others. I still don’t think this is a genuine link though.

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