Date: 31st October 2013 at 9:20am
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Just a light examination how one game can be viewed so differently by every person.

After watching the Watford game on Monday, I wrote my report for this wonderful VitalBrighton 🙂 and was very happy with what I had written.

Later that day I phoned my dad to discuss what he thought, I told him that I thought Brighton had played well and expected him to agree, however he thought that the Albion played poorly and that Stephen Ward, was, I quote ‘absolute rubbish’.

I actually think Ward is getting better every game and did pretty well when faced with a Watford side very strong on their right hand side.

I made Ashley Barnes my man of the match, shared with Jake Forster-Caskey and I then read in comments on an Argus article that someone thought Barnes was useless; now I’m not saying my opinion is right but as I see it, that is my opinion and I thought Barnes had one of his best games for a long time.

What this goes to show is how everyone views a game differently and it makes me wonder why this is.

I think some of it is probably down to the personality of the person, ie optimistic/pessimistic and also down to personal bias to; such as someone who doesn’t like Ashley Barnes is probably loathe to say he had a good game.

I find it of endless interest listening to a group of people chatting post-match and hearing totally diverse opinions on the same event in the match.

If anyone can tell me why we all see a game differently kindly let me know as until then I will still be safe in the knowledge that I’m always right and everyone else is silly!


One Reply to “How Everyone Can See A Game Differently”

  • I agree Sam lots of people saying Brighton were poor, but in my eyes we were poor for the first 20 mins then started to wake up !
    The second half we were by far the better side in every way.
    I must say my MOTM would not have been JFC as i did think he was very poor as was Stephen Ward.
    Leroy Lita looked like he should be in a retirement home !!!
    If i had to pick a MOTM it would have been Crofts.
    The goal that never was , should have stood as the whole ball was clearly over the line. Forrestieri should not have been on the pitch though in the first place to score it after his two footed lunge.
    Fair result all in i believe.
    Make me laugh though all the nutters saying get rid of Garcia, ha ha we have around 9 regular first team players out at the moment and had they all have been playing on Monday night i truly believe Watford would have been on the end of a hiding.

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