Date: 13th October 2016 at 5:47pm
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Southend boss Phil Brown, a long-term friend of former England boss Sam Allardyce has said Brighton’s Chris Hughton should be under consideration to get the job.

There isn’t likely to be much worry about Brighton losing him to England but Brown’s told the Southend Echo the Football Association should be looking at Hughton in his opinion.

‘Chris Hughton comes to mind for me because of the great job he`s been doing in the English game. He`s a tactician and a technician and he`s been at some big clubs both as a player and as a manager.’

Anyone with ‘skeletons’ in their closest shouldn’t apply though!

He continued his praise for Hughton whilst also saying Burnley’s Sean Dyche would be another he would recommend.

‘He knows how to deal with the stature of the players but there are a lot of good managers out there. Sean Dyche is another one but whoever gets the job has to be squeaky clean and if there are any skeletons in your closest then don`t apply.’

Gareth Southgate is the one who is most likely to land this on a permanent basis, currently in charge on an interim basis with an Englishman something Brown would prefer to see.

If it wasn’t one of these three he concluded he wasn’t totally against a foreign manager and could see the merits of Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger, who is an honorary Englishman anyway.

‘I`m against a foreign manager being in charge of England. But I do understand the argument of it being a foreign manager who understands our style like Arsene Wenger who is now seen as a French Englishman.’

Hughton for England? Maybe one day but not in the immediate future I wouldn’t have thought.

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