Date: 23rd April 2007 at 6:53pm
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Albion’s Falmer For All campaign will deliver an estimated 5,000 postcards this Thursday

Albion’s ‘Falmer For All’ campaigners will deliver an estimated 5,000 postcards in support of the proposed stadium at Falmer this Thursday.

The postcard campaign which has been one of many great ideas to raise awareness of our fight for our stadium highlighted the good transport facilities around the proposed stadium as well as economic and social benefits the stadium will bring to the area. All in all the amount of postcards that have been signed is estimated to reach 30,000.

All of these are issues that Falmer Parish Council and Lewes District Council claimed to be untrue in their submission against the stadium to Secretary of State Ruth Kelly. However, the postcards clearly show that their arguments seem to be false.

This Thursday (26th April) will mark the 10th anniversary since the Goldstone Ground was taken away from us. It will be a significant event as the delivering of the postcards will mark the end of the campaign with a pending decision from Ruth Kelly in July.


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