Date: 7th October 2010 at 9:02am
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Our alternative guide to the Football Rich List 2010/2011

The top 100 Football Rich List was published yesterday for the world to gossip as to where they lay in the football power hierarchy. For possibly the first time, Brighton & Hove Albion feature in the list of wealthiness because of one man. The man that pumped £93million into the club to build a stadium.

As to how the list is compiled, we are not sure because Brighton’s chairman is valued at £50million, yet he has financed The American Express Community Stadium to the tune of £93million, as well as helping the club survive with investments of over £15million before he became chairman in 2008.

Years ago, these rich lists would never have contained footballers still playing the game, but this year shows just how money driven the game has become.

Here is our brief look at the top 100 Football Rich List 2010. The list includes footballers, managers, chairman’s, associates, directors and pop stars. So where does Tony Bloom fit in on the esteemed list?

98 – Ken Bates (Leeds United)
The controversial character who was behind the rise and fall of Leeds United, sneaks in the top 100. Surprised he didn’t turn Elland Road into a hotel.
Worth £20 million

96 – Carlo Ancelotti (Chelsea)
The miserable Italian, now in charge of Chelsea’s double winning team is a new entry to the rich list. At least smile Carlo.
Worth £21 million

94 – Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)
He just wants to play football, and has a dislike of Phil Collins, but England’s World Cup captain and heartbeat of Liverpool’s team, gets a place on the list
Worth £22 million

78 – Barry Hearn (Leyton Orient)
The colourful chairman of Leyton Orient made fit girls become friends with Darts players. A boxing promoter and creator of Premier League Darts, he is also trying to make snooker interesting
Worth £30 million

73 – Fabio Capello (England)
The Postman Pat look-a-like is into the last couple of years of his mega £6million a year deal which he mugged off The FA with. The press hate him, but he made a fool of John Terry
Worth £36 million

64 – Tony Bloom (Brighton)
There he is, it’s our Tony. Known as The Lizard when he plays poker, he made his money selling online gambling sites, as well as investing in race horses and properties. He also bought us a brand new home and Chris Holroyd.
Worth £50 million

49 – David Beckham (LA Galaxy)
That bloke from ‘Posh Spice is a slapper’ song is the highest placed current footballer on the list, commanding huge wages and making his fortune being the face of many global brands, endorsing anything from soft drinks to y-fronts. He also has a magical right foot.
Worth £100 million

44 – Steve Gibson (Middlesbrough)
The mastermind behind the rise of Middlesbrough from lower division minnows, to attracting the likes of Bryan Robson, Juninho, Fabrizio Ravenelli and Jan Age Fjortoft.
Worth £142 million

40 – Theo Paphitis (Millwall)
Let me tell you where he is. The star of Dragons Den, a vision behind budget airlines and former chairman of Millwall. For that reason, he is in.
Worth £160 million

32 – John Madejski (Reading)
Madejski started his fortune with the Auto trader magazine. He is now so rich he has a stadium, hotel and school named after him. He also likes dealing in the art scene, spending thousands of pounds at a time.
Worth £200 million

27 – David Gold (West Ham)
Gold started life trading in porn. He took charge of Birmingham, before selling up. He was once linked with Brighton, after striking a friendship with Dick Knight, but he is now in charge at West Ham.
Worth £360 million

16 – Mike Ashley (Newcastle)
He brands himself as ‘one of the lads’ who downs pints, but just happens to have a lot of wonga in his sky rocket. He built the empire known as Sports Direct, selling Man United shirts at knock down prices. Not a popular name on The Toon.
Worth £950 million

12 – Mohamed al-Fayed (Fulham)£1.3b
The first one we have looked at worth over £1billion. He made his money in some shop called Harrods, but now likes to spend his money on things like pitch side exercise bikes and Clint Dempsey’s.
Worth £1.3 billion

9 – Glazer Family £1.53b
The driving force behind the Green and Gold campaign, Manchester United fans don’t really like him despite him buying them Berbatov, Nani, Vidic and co. They made their money in various ways, but made a fortune with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Worth £1.53 billion

5 – Liebherr Family (Southampton)
Marcus Liebherr saved Southampton from financial ruin, taking them out of administration to spending £1million on a striker in the space of a few weeks. He sadly passed away, but left his family in charge of his money, which he inherited when his father died.
Worth £3 billion

3 Alisher Usmanov (Arsenal)
The Russian made his billions in the iron ore mining trade in his homeland. He says his love for Arsenal is like that of a man to a woman. His fortune is still high, because of Wenger’s refusal to spend money on players.
Worth £8 billion

1 Shiek Mansour (Manchester City)
Way, way out in the lead, and one of the younger people on the list is the Shiek. He steals his money from his brother who is one of richest people in the world, and married the daughter of the ruler of Dubai. He knows his stuff. It didn’t stop them losing to Brighton in the Carling Cup though
Worth £20 billion